Non-Woven Tote Bags for Fundraising and Non-Profit Organizations


While aware countries have already realized the imperative need to move away from plastic bags and products, this awareness has to be globally recognized. However, it's important that organizations start taking the right steps to ensure that people not only move away from plastic bags but also get used to the newer alternative carrying options.

Non-woven bags, without a doubt, are the perfect alternative to plastic bags. These bags are not only sturdy and water resistant, but these customized tote bags can also ensure that organizations can brand the bags with their logos. This would ensure that the brands are recognized as eco-friendly and the measures being taken to avoid environmental pollution give a positive impact on the brand’s image.

1) Promoting Eco-Conscious Charity

One of the best ways to introduce alternative bags to areas where plastic bags still dominate carriage is to get people into using non-woven bags. The faster people get accustomed to non-woven bags, the more likely they’ll accept these branded tote bags as a viable alternative to plastic bags.

Companies can organize charities and fundraisers with a focus on preserving the environment and minimizing personal carbon footprint. This will not only motivate more people to make eco-friendly choices but can also swerve them to create a more environmentally aware social atmosphere.

Moreover, one of the best ways to get people more familiar with non-woven bags is to use them for packaging giveaways at charity events. Charitable organizations are often amongst the fastest ones to adapt to positive change, especially when it helps their cause. With fundraising tote bags made with non-woven material, more people would be able to access these fabric bags and quickly become accustomed to them too.

Charity organization totes are also more likely to showcase to people the benefits that these customized tote bags can provide over plastic bags.

2) Organizations Need To Lead By Example

It's highly imperative that organizations start leading by example. While removing plastic bags is certainly a good step, organizations also need to take measures to ensure that people start adapting to using non-woven branded tote bags. Even though there has been a misconception that such branded tote bags are costlier than plastic bags, with newer manufacturing methods, organizations can procure these bags for less than $1 per bag.

Also, with the option to get high-quality customized tote bags, leading by example becomes quite easy. There are multiple Non-profit Organizations that have already taken the right decision to completely switch to reusable non-woven tote bags. Equipped with Non-profit organization tote bags, brands can promote themselves as ones that are not only considerate of the environment but show that they are taking active steps to ensure minimal carbon impact too.

When people see non-profit organizations as well as brands taking steps towards preserving the environment, they are more likely to see these efforts in a positive light. Also with charity organization totes made from non-woven material, the reusability of these bags can be properly communicated and thus maximized.

3) Non-Profit Organizations are already on the right track

Most non-profit organizations are often ahead in terms of taking the right measures. As the sole cause behind these organizations is improvement, they are actively and acutely aware of the impact each of their activities can have on the world.

This is one of the reasons why they always conduct in-depth research before making any decisions. However, as most of these non-profit organizations do not earn profits, they rely on positive word of mouth to stay in operation. Here, charity organization totes have also proven quite useful.

As non-woven tote bags come in a variety of different styles and sizes, non-profit organizations can easily pick the ones they would require. Moreover, these organizations can also pick from different colors and shades to ensure that the color of non-profit organization tote bags matches perfectly. Finally, the major benefit of non-woven is that non-profit organizations can include their logos as well as a message on them.

This means that each of the customized tote bags you procure completely adheres to your brand’s theme and looks native to the scheme you follow. However, the best way to introduce non-woven bags in your brand’s packaging is to do it via an event.

4) Revamping Events with Non-Woven Bags

The best way to formally introduce the change to non-woven bags is to use them in events and roadshows. Whether it is a fundraiser or simply an event to connect better with the community, Non-woven tote bags are an ideal solution to ensure your brand image.

Using non-woven bags to package your event giveaways also efficiently sends the message about an organization’s concerns about the environment. Moreover, since non-woven bags have a perforated texture, they come off as a rather chic addition.

With the right customized tote bags being showcased in a brand’s events, organizations can quickly become the talk of the town with the initiative to move towards a greener future with their efforts. Not only will this move likely generate positive word of mouth, but it is also an excellent marketing opportunity to further enhance brand value with a minimal allocation of budget.


Most Non-profit organizations along with many more commercial brands are already on the way to ensure that they minimize their carbon emissions and curtail their reliance on plastic. Even giants like General Motors have completely switched to electric to ensure that they have an eco-friendly business.

Although plastic bags are still not banned completely by many countries, it is only a matter of time before non-woven bags will completely replace plastic bags as more innovations and better manufacturing methods further decrease the costs of procurement.

Although the non-woven bags industry is still relatively new, many organizations have already recognized the utility of non-woven bags over plastic bags and thus are actively advocating brands to switch to greener alternatives. This means that it will only be a matter of time when plastic bags are completely eliminated and everyone switches to non-woven tote bags for carrying their essentials. 

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