How to Get Customized Non-Woven Tote Bags For Your Brand


Carriage bags are not a novelty. However, as the world recognizes the harms of using plastic bags, organizations have started taking measures to ensure that they opt for the best and most reasonable alternative bags for their products. As such bags made of non-woven fabric have quickly become the prime choice due to added options for customization. In fact, according to Straits Research, where the global non-woven fabrics market was valued at $41.6 Billion in 2021, the market is expected to reach $67.93 Billion by 2030.

This represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.6%.which is quite consistent. But this is not the only reason why organizations are moving towards non-woven tote bags for their carriage needs. In fact, we compiled a whole list of reasons why businesses are going for non-woven tote bags.

Why you Might Need Non-Woven Bags

While the reasons for going with non-woven custom bags are literally infinite, it's a given that any brand will definitely need customized totes to at least replace plastic bags. Even though plastic bags are still the cheapest option for carrying items, their hefty cost to the environment has led every aware organization to refrain from their usage.

This is one of the major reasons why non-woven tote bags are seen being used everywhere. And with the option of customization, brands often get them in colors that resonate with the brand while also ensuring that the brand’s logo is printed on the bags.

This allows for an excellent marketing tactic where the brands are able to resonate for a long time with their customers. Non-woven bags aren’t restricted to organizations for their sold items either. In fact, they make for great giveaway packaging during events, where the brands get an opportunity to stamp their authority over the competition.

Remember the best way to know if you need a carriage bag is by looking at the upcoming opportunities. If any of those opportunities require you to give anything, it's best carried in a non-woven tote bag. These printed tote bags bearing your logo will be reused for a long time with your customers and thus your brand will be on the tip of their tongues at all times.

While the opportunities with eco-conscious packaging like non-woven bags are limitless, if you aren’t primarily providing a physical product, these bags are best reserved for promotional events where brands look to enhance their image in front of their stakeholders.

1) Picking the Styles and Sizes you Might Require

Once an organization has decided on the reason why it is opting for non-woven bags it's important to pick out the right styles and sizes the organization might be looking for. This task is dependent on what the organization plans to package.

The organization might go with custom shopping bags with handles as they ensure the easiest carriage. However, where large food items are concerned it's sometimes best to go with a squared tote bag.  But if the item is a small or a slim one it's sometimes best to go with a D-cut bag as it takes the least space and looks extremely classy.

Nevertheless, the bag style ensures that your customized totes look perfect in showcasing your product and your brand. In fact, this is also where you select the right size too. It's important that your product is best showcased in the right size so the bag doesn’t look too empty or too filled.

A rule of thumb is usually to with the styles and sizes that are prevalent in the industry your organization operates in.

2) Pick the Right Colors for your Bags 

Choosing the right color for your customized totes depends on your brand theme as well as the event you’ll be using the bags for. Make sure that the color of the best only highlights your printed logo. This will not only enhance the overall look of your custom bags but will also ensure that your logo looks as attractive as possible on your eco-conscious packaging.

As organizations usually buy printable tote bags wholesale to minimize costs so make sure that there are no errors in selecting the colors either. A good practice is to get the color code from your wholesale tote bag vendor and view the color physically. While this might feel like a hassle at first, this practice will ensure that you have a good idea of how your packaging bags will look even before you receive your order.

Getting a look at the color in your hands is also necessary because colors tend to look different depending on the screen you’re looking at. With the color of your tote bags finalized you can finally move on to choosing how your logo appears on the bag itself.

3) Choosing the Right Logo Iteration 

Many brands have different logos or iterations of logos for their products. While having all your logo colors on your bag should certainly be a clear choice, you also need to keep in mind that going with multiple colors can affect the price of your bags too.

The main reason why non-woven bags are considered a better alternative to plastic is that they are priced more reasonably, so it’s best to have the right trade-off, where you can get the most colors from your logo printed on your bags with the minimum cost.

However, keep in mind that eliminating colors is not the only way you can minimize costs on your printed bags.

4) Order in Bulk to Minimize Overall Costs

The best non-woven tote bag manufacturers provide bulk discounts. This allows organizations to reap benefits by ordering in large quantities. As Non-woven tote bags have quite a long shelf life, they can be stored to be used over a long period of time without any problems.

This allows brands to minimize their overall costs of packaging while still having the best-printed bags for their customers.

5) Keep a Buffer Inventory 

However, to ensure that you don’t run out of packaging bags while in operations, brands should have a buffer inventory. The buffer inventory allows brands to have a proper supply for their customers while they place an order to replenish their printable tote bags via wholesale prices.

We hope that these tips prove beneficial to you in getting the right customized totes for your business. If you’d like to check out our products, feel free to see our collection here.

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