How to Revamp your Brand with Eco-Conscious Packaging?


The dynamics of brand representation have changed quite a lot in the past century. Where once the largest brands were always secure with their reputation despite their operations, nowadays people are quick to avoid brands that employ questionable policies.

However, with the internet providing prompt information access and the rise of social media, news spreads almost instantaneously. This means that any and every deed by a brand is and will always be under heavy scrutiny by the public.

While every brand has already realized this, reacting to these dynamics has still not been entirely seamless. In fact, many brands have already suffered due to lapses in their tactics, which has resulted in the downfall of the brand image significantly.

Brands these days can face backlash as well as praise on the most minute of actions. This is why aware brands have become extremely conscious when it comes to their conduct. One area where brands prioritize to ensure their pristine image is that of environmental consideration.

1) The Objective Behind Environmental Consideration

Brands know that it has become imperative to be considerate of the environment, but there are multiple benefits of being environmentally friendly too. Even though opting for eco-friendly practices might seem tedious and expensive at first, the returns are worth the effort.

Any resources spent to ensure that your brand remains eco-friendly are basically an investment in your brand image. Brands that get recognized for their positive actions toward the environment are highly regarded by their customers.

This is one of the reasons why you will see major brands of the world actively participating in causes and events that are focused on preserving the environment. Take packaging for example. Brands have been working diligently to move away from the use of plastic in packaging.

Even when it comes to bags that simply ensure carriage, plastic bags are being eliminated throughout the world. Many countries have also established regulations to curtail the use of plastic bags. This has led most brands to opt for alternative bags. The idea is to have customized reusable bags that provide good durability and are still cost-effective enough for the brand to viably use.

Often referred to as eco-conscious packaging, brands know that the benefits of using plastic alternatives provide two benefits. Firstly, it allows the brand to ensure environmental consideration. Secondly, the use of environmentally friendly packaging provides a subtle marketing opportunity that can not only enhance brand perspective but also result in increased sales.

2) Using Eco-Conscious Packaging to Revamp Your Brand Image

While there are many alternatives to plastic bags that are widely available, the best choice as of now remains printed non-woven bags. These customized reusable bags are made from different pieces of non-woven fabric that are heat-sealed together. The bags aren’t woven together like cotton bags, thus the name non-woven bags.

Brands know that packaging is one of the core Ps in Marketing and prefer options that are not only feasible but can also provide marketing opportunities. Also, wholesale non-woven bags can reduce costs even further.

You’ll find it interesting that some of the largest retail chains in the world are using branded non-woven tote bags in their products. The list includes brands like Walmart, Target, Amazon, IKEA, etc. While Amazon has recently joined the bandwagon of eco-conscious packaging the brand, it also has listings of various organizations that are selling printed non-woven bags.

However, these prices are considerably higher too. Moreover, advertising non-woven tote bags need to be as reasonable as possible, this is one of the reasons why we are providing bags under $1, and the prices can even be further reduced if a brand is ordering in bulk.

The main goal behind acquiring wholesale non-woven bags is demonstrating to stakeholders that your brand is working towards sustainable packaging solutions. This turns your normal non-woven tote bags promotional, providing you the benefit of revamping your brand in a positive light in front of your customers as well as environmental NGOs.

The main reason why brands go with non-woven tote bags is because these bags are highly customizable. Other than the option to choose from different bag styles, non-woven tote bag printing is also quite common. This means that your brand can get an advertising non-woven tote bag in exact accordance with their requirements with an additional option for adding the brand logo as well as a tagline.

Printed Non-woven bags can also include an environmental message to further enhance that can further reiterate the brand\s perspective toward preserving the environment. The right branded non-woven tote bags can boost your brand’s presence among your target audience, generating positive word of mouth almost effortlessly.

Since these reusable bags are also quite durable, they can be under your customer’s use for a longer period of time, which ensures that your branded non-woven tote bags are seen by a maximum number of people.

This in turn will completely revamp how your brand is observed by the general public. The new identity achieved by your brand can play a key role in ensuring that you garner more attention from your target audience as well as the general public.


It’s important for brands to revamp their identities with sustainable practices of business. With Eco-Conscious branding by your side, your brand will ensure that the earth’s ecosystem is protected against pollution. And more than simply protecting the environment your brand will be contributing towards a positive impact on the environment too. While at first, these processes may seem a bit too tedious to work, over time this investment will easily generate positive word-of-mouth too, enhancing brand image at a fraction of the cost.

Thus brands should strive to switch to more sustainable alternatives especially when it comes to packaging and also use the opportunity to market their new ideology to the general public. With a high priority on sustainability, brands can experience marketing on a whole new level without having to spend a large budget on simply building brand identity.

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