Why Non-Woven Tote Bags Will Be A Carriage Revolution?


Even though it seems like plastic bags have always been there in our usage, it has been hardly a century since plastic bags became a norm. However, one thing that is certain is that during the time plastic bags became a norm, pollution has risen drastically.

And ever since people started realizing the true harms presented by plastic usage, people have started moving away from these bags and are thus actively looking for alternatives. In this article, we’ll explore how plastic bags became such a hit with the general public, why they aren’t an option anymore, and which bags will eventually be the next revolution in carriage after plastic bags.

This article will also discuss the newly and easily available eco-conscious tote bags that are bound to become a norm sooner rather than later.

1) The Rise of Plastic Bags and Their Problems

Plastic bags were first patented during the 1960s and instantly became a success. However, it was only later on that people started realizing that using plastic bags came with a lot of environmental costs too. For example, a single plastic bag takes approximately a century to break down completely. And even when these plastic bags are breaking down, their residue is toxic and can harm wildlife too.

So while manufacturing plastic bags may seem economical, the social and environmental costs brought by them are too high. Most of the first-world countries have already taken steps to ensure that the use of plastic bags is minimized or eliminated completely.

2) Looking for Alternatives

However, one problem that everyone is facing amidst the unofficial ban on plastic bags is finding the right alternatives. Before plastic bags became the norm, most people were either relying on cotton bags or paper bags. Once people started moving away from plastic bags, the first alternative they picked was going back to paper bags.

However, paper bags failed to be a proper replacement for eco-conscious tote bags. The first problem people encountered with an essentials tote bag made with the paper was reusability as a perfect alternative. People were looking for custom reusable bags that could keep up with the prevalent tote bag trends.

Even though cotton bags could fulfill most of these terms, the problem was that of manufacturing costs as well as the natural resources that were required for production. Moreover, with the added resources, a single cotton bag would have needed to be used for years to offset the harm brought by a single plastic bag.

3) Non-Woven Bags: The Ultimate Solution

However, the non-woven fabric came out to be the perfect alternative. A non-woven tote bag could be made for less than $1 per unit depending on the order and provided all the necessary factors for carriage.

The non-woven fabric could be easily used to craft reusable promotional tote bags at a fraction of the cost of cotton bags, and yet the tensile strength could still be higher than a single-use plastic bag. Although non-woven fabric lacked the literal transparency that came with plastic bags, the factor couldn’t be considered a necessity.

Moreover, the construction of a non-woven tote bag was extremely simple. Reusable promotional tote bags of non-woven fabric could be made by simply bonding two or more pieces of the fabric with a heat seal. This means that non-woven fabric can be used to follow any and all tote bag trends that are popular.

The tensile strength and durability of a non-woven essentials tote bag can also be adjusted to ensure minimum cost and maximum utility. The thickness of non-woven fabric determines its durability, and this is counted based on Grams per Square Meter (GSM). A higher GSM count means more durability and higher weight carriage ability.

Also, in some features, the non-woven fabric can provide eco-conscious bags that can actually trump plastic bags. Unlike plastic bags, non-woven ensures a custom, reusable bags that are also washable while still retaining the original print as well as color. Another area where non-woven tote bags excel is their shelf life. Moreover, where plastic bags don’t break down for almost a century, a non-woven tote bag will start decomposing as soon as it comes into contact with the soil and sunlight. A non-woven bag will break down within a month and leave no toxic residue, ensuring no adverse impact on the environment.

4) A Carriage Revolution

Even with all these benefits and features, non-woven bags have more to offer. Other than a variety of sizes and styles, non-woven bags can also include a bottom gusset that can further enhance the space within the bags.

Also, with a perforated texture, these eco-friendly tote bags provide an elegant look to your carriage. Whether packaging a product or being used as reusable promotional tote bags, non-woven bags enhance the style magnitude of the carrier. With the right non-woven bags as package bags, customers can easily showcase their consideration for the environment without compromising on quality.

In other words, a non-woven tote bag is a style and carriage revolution which is already taking hold amongst the general public. And this is one trend that is actually being encouraged by eco-conscious brands, too, since non-woven bags are an extremely reasonable alternative for carriage.

Also, to ensure that our bags stand the test of durability, we provide higher quality than what is generally available. While most organizations focus solely on minimizing costs with a lower GSM count of 60, non-woven totes’ products start from 80. This means that any and all of our products are much sturdier compared to the normal non-woven tote bags available online.

With your choice, you can also increase the GSM count up to 100 to ensure that the non-woven bags you get are of the highest durability. You can also minimize your costs with a bulk order, as we are always happy to provide discounts to ensure that eco-conscious tote bags catch on and that environmental pollution is minimized.


Non-woven tote bags are well on their way to becoming an imminent style and carriage revolution. As more and more people become aware of the harms of plastic bags along with the benefits of switching to non-woven totes, we are sure that everyone will move, and eventually, we can rid the world of the problems that have been brought about by plastic. Tell us if you are doing your part to minimize your own carbon footprint in the comments too. 

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