The Ultim-8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to Non-Woven Tote Bags


Any organization operating on a B2C model today knows that carriage bags are often an absolute necessity. Even if the organization doesn’t primarily provide physical products, carriage bags still come in handy. However, organizations have also started understanding that its best to move away from plastic bags as they are harmful to the environment. Furthermore, more and more consumers are also aware of the environmental threats of plastic and often opt for organizations that are more considerate of the environment.

This is one of the major reasons why organizations have started looking for proper alternatives to plastic bags. But finding branded bags for business requires a lot of research. And although bags made with non-woven fabrics are a clear choice, we believe the following listed reasons of using Non-woven bags instead of plastic bags for your business will further lead you to an informed decision.

Benefits of Non-Woven Bags 

1) Higher Durability 

Non-woven bags are created from polypropylene fibers. This is a breathable fabric and the bags are crafted by sealing two or more pieces of the fabric with heat. As these bags are simply created with this heat seal and are not woven, the bags are called non-woven. 

However, even without being woven, the heat seal ensures that these bags can lift a lot of weight. Of course, this is also dependent on the thickness of the fabric, but unless an outside force is exerted to break the bag apart, these bags are quite sturdy. This high durability means that any item being carried in this bag is generally safe. In fact, polypropylene bags are at times even more durable than plastic, since they are naturally tear resistant too. Even if the non-woven tote bag is damaged, it does not tear apart immediately like a normal plastic bag.

Thus, the high durability of non-woven fabrics ensures awesome branded bags for business. But this isn’t the only reason why your business should be going with non-woven tote bags.

2) An Eco-Friendly Option

Another reason to go with Non-woven bags is that they are eco-friendly. This means that bags made with non-woven fabric are recyclable and reusable. A customized reusable bag made with non-woven fabric can not only enhance your brand’s authority but also ensure that your customers have your branded bags in their use for a long time.

As non-woven bags are also recyclable, they are also more environmentally friendly, which means that they are an effective alternative to plastic carriage bags. Their reusability is also further enhanced as non-woven bags are also washable. Any stain on the bag can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Moreover, these bags can even be washed in a machine without any hassle.

In other words, non-woven fabric provides an amazing eco-conscious packaging option for brands who want to minimize their carbon footprint.

3) Better Longevity

The thickness of non-woven fabric determines its longevity. This thickness is determined in GSM. The higher the GSM count of your non-woven bags, the longer they can be kept in use. While the market standard is generally 60 to 70 GSM, our non-woven tote bags are built to last a lot longer, which is why we start with a GSM count of 80.

This high GSM count of our products ensures that your non-woven bags are in much longer use for your customers. While this longevity might seem beneficial to only your customers, it should be noted that the longer they keep your bag in use, the more chance you have to get better word-of-mouth. Using high GSM non-woven totes bags for promotional items will mean that your promotion will bear fruit for a lot longer too.

As an eco-conscious packaging for your promotions non-woven tote bags provide effortless carriage and yet highlight your brand in a positive light for your customers.

4) Affordable

Another reason to go with non-woven bags is that they are an affordable alternative. Organizations can easily place their orders in bulk and minimize the overall cost of packaging while getting high quality too.

Of course, in terms of immediate price plastic bags are still one of the cheapest to produce, but their harms to the environment are too high a cost to be paid. This is why we provide non-woven tote bags at the most reasonable price you’ll find and one of the reasons why prices go lower if your ordered quantity goes higher. Each of our products has a set quantity where you become eligible for a high discount percentage, check out our under$1 products here. It makes our custom seal bags the first choice for any business.

5) Customizable

Our non-woven tote bags are also completely customizable. This not only allows your organization to opt for colors that resonate with your brand but also provides you with the option of having your logo printed on each of our custom seal bags.

In other words, with us, you get a non-woven tote bag that completely conforms to what you were looking for. Whether you want non-woven bags for an event or are simply looking for eco-conscious packaging, we have got your back.

6) Bio-Degradable

Another reason why Non-woven bags are a clear choice is because they are biodegradable. This means that they break down easily once the user throws them away. Where plastic stays in the environment for nearly a century, our non-woven bags break down and merge into the earth within just three months. This ensures that their impact on the environment is minimal.

7) Moisture Resistant

Non-woven bags are also moisture resistant, which makes them perfect for carrying fragile and sensitive items too. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many organizations providing consumer goods are using non-woven bags to package their products. When branded bags for business are moisture resistant the packaging itself automatically becomes more classy too.

8) Non-Toxic

Now this is one of the major reasons why non-woven tote bags are gaining hype at such a high pace. Even though non-woven fabric tote bags provide high durability, and customization among loads of other benefits, the product itself is non-toxic and is not harmful in any way to the consumers, which makes them one of the safest options for carriage. Even when exposed to fire, these bags burn fast and don’t leave any residue thereby mitigating the risk of spreading fire too.

We hope that these reasons help you in deciding on which carriage bags to use for your business and ensure that you make an informed decision for your organization.

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