From Retail to Hotels: How Businesses Are Harnessing Nonwoven Totes

Non-woven totes are one of the most sought-after promotional items today. Being reusable, recyclable, and affordable, these eco-friendly bags are used by wide-ranging businesses across different industries around the world. As a matter of fact, since many businesses support ‘going green’ and want to reduce their carbon footprint, they prefer to have non-woven bags with logos rather than traditional plastic or paper bags.

There is a wide range of vibrant colors and designs available in non-woven bags. This allows businesses to create visually appealing promotional items that leave a lasting impression.

So, indeed, they’re simply the better version of the bags we all should use and contribute to saving the environment. Because it’s necessary to play our part, right?

Let’s have a look at more advantages it offers:

- promote your brand logo – non-woven bags with a logo literally serve as the - little walking billboard for your business
- low cost
- recyclable and reusable
- lightweight yet durable
- easy to clean
- so many styles, colors, and sizes to choose from
- grows your business tenfold

Let’s discuss different businesses that use printed non-woven bags as the promotional item today.

1) Retail

Whether it’s a clothing boutique, department store, or specialty shop, non-woven totes are popularly used in all kinds of retail businesses. Not only do these printed non-woven bags do an exceptional job of promoting the business, but also provide convenient and sustainable options to customers for carrying their purchased items.

As most retail businesses have transitioned from the usage of plastic bags to non-woven totes, there’s a huge demand for them in terms of production. In addition, consumers also prefer to use these bags over unsustainable plastic ones. In the grand scheme of things, the whole shift supports the “Going Green” movement, which is highly commendable.

And these reusable and recyclable bags come in myriad colors and styles to choose from. For instance, for apparel, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical businesses, dark-colored tote bags are suitable, as they keep the purchase private. Meanwhile, light-colored tote bags can be suitable for floral or antique businesses.

2) Grocery Stores

The concept of personalized grocery tote bags isn’t something new. Small and big grocery stores around the world use eco-friendly totes as compared to the other alternatives. As these totes work incredibly well in reducing plastic waste and are low-cost, they’re the first choice for store owners and environmentally conscious shoppers.

Available in a variety of colors, these bags’ standard dimensions are up to 14 inches high, 12 inches wide, and around 8 inches deep. However, these figures can vary for different types of products. Along with that, the imprint area is quite large too, and changes can be made according to the specific requirements. Each bag comes with robust reinforced straps that can easily carry the weight of a multitude of items, including, groceries, personal care items, kitchen supplies, and more stuff.

With the increasing number of grocery stores in different regions, the demand for non-woven bags is only increasing rapidly.

3) Restaurants & Food Delivery

Food and delivery services and restaurants also use non-woven bags on a large scale. The usage of these bags has become crucial as they keep the food fresh, protected, and preserved for a long period.

Therefore, a number of food businesses invest in custom printing on tote bags as it brings major benefits to them. For instance, they get to pick the eco-friendly option to transport food and beverages to the customers, maintain the food quality, and promote their business as well. Truly a win-win situation here.

Many food businesses pick the minimalistic design when it comes to the totes. They go for the plain background with the logo displayed on the front, with no extra details or visuals. Along with that, they also pick the bag colors depending on the food type they offer, like, green for organic, blue or pink for sugary treats, and yellow or red for fast food.

4) Corporates

It’s common that corporates to arrange and participate in different kinds of trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. They give out printed totes having freebies, brochures, and other promotional items to the visitors and attendees of the event. This creates brand visibility at a large scale and brings in novel opportunities to grow business in the market.

In a similar manner, company fundraisers or corporate parties are expected to distribute goody bags to guests and employees. And that’s where the non-woven totes come in. Eliminating the need for disposable wrapping papers or bags, these reusable bags are more appropriate to give away corporate gifts as a token of appreciation. And on top of everything, they look high-end and sophisticated as compared to every other option out there. That’s why companies take out the fixed budget to print these non-woven bags with a logo around the time of the upcoming event.

5) Hotels & Resorts

Hotel chains and resorts around the world provide non-woven totes to the guests as a keepsake. They come in handy to carry their belongings and essentials throughout their entire stay. This branding act serves as a walking advertisement when these guests visit the nearby attraction, roam around the city, and come back to the hotels.

In addition, this will showcase the brand’s support and dedication to eco-friendliness, which hugely contributes to the brand's promotion. Moreover, it also encourages guests

to eliminate the use of plastic bags. To top it all, it elevates the guest experience, adding more value to their stay and making it more enjoyable.
And that’s not it, there are many more businesses that use non-woven totes, and the number only keeps increasing.


Printed non-woven bags are ruling in the realm of promotional products today. They’re an ideal way to engage, promote the brand, grow the business, and communicate brand values. And being so cost-friendly, they’re easy to afford too.

In the ongoing year, many big and small businesses may launch their collection of non-woven bags as promotional products. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, businesses can align themselves with eco-conscious consumers by offering eco-friendly non-woven bags.

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