Promote Your Brand Better: Using Non-Woven Tote Bags

As an entrepreneur, you must always stay on top of things and try out new tactics to help promote your brand. You need to look at cost-effective marketing strategies that will keep your brand at the top. You need to try out different methods to increase your brand’s reach, all while keeping the target audience in mind.

Well, what better way to promote your brand than a non-woven tote bag with a logo supporting your business? These are efficient, trendy and perfect in a world where we all need to be eco-conscious. They have several advantages that help make your brand stand out and give you the free publicity you need. Why are we saying this? Continue reading to find out how non-woven tote bags are the new thing you need to make your brand special!


Plastic Bag Replacement 

Whether you own a grocery or a fashion store, it’s time to change your plastic bags. Global warming is the talk of the town these days, and plastic bags play a significant role in enhancing its effect. So, you need to change them and play your part in decreasing your brand’s carbon footprint. After all, we all live on this planet and must act fast to save it and make it safe for future generations. 

Instead of plastic bags, make use of non-woven tote bags, which are more eco-friendly. They can be made in various sizes and used for all purposes, from grocery bag carrier to precious jewellery carrier. If you are a small business and cannot bear the entire expense of having these polypropylene bags, you can always charge your customers the difference. 


Perfect for the environment 

Make an outstanding choice by opting for non-woven tote bags. It is the perfect way to show your clients that you care about the environment and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars to help play your part in saving the Earth. These reusable shopping tote bags are far better than plastic bags. After all, they are biodegradable and can be burnt without them leaving toxic contaminants in their surroundings. Because of their excellent durability, they are better than paper bags that can hardly be reused once or twice.

Moreover, paper can only be recycled around three times, after which it must be gotten rid of. Not to mention that trees need to be cut down so that paper bags can come into being. So, all in all, by moving towards non-woven tote bags, you will not only promote your brand but will also decrease the carbon footprint left behind by your brand.


Multiple Design and Colors

These tote bags are way better than your usual shoppers as you can design them in various colors and designs based on their purpose. You can get up your game by having a couple of non-woven tote bags for different products, making it seem like your brand pays attention to tiny details and gives your clients a luxurious experience.

You can also get your brand’s website and social media accounts printed on the bag in addition to the logo. This is a great marketing strategy that will help more and more people know about your brand without you having to spend a lot on advertising. You can also be creative and get your brand’s QR code on the tote bag. Remember to be subtle and creative when you get all these details printed on the tote bag, as you always want it to look fashionable and versatile. The goal is to make your tote bags look so great that your clients don’t mind taking them everywhere, from the mall to the beach. 



Non-woven tote bags might be pricier than plastic bags, but they are definitely cheaper than advertising your brand here and there, making them the perfect choice for a great marketing strategy. Moreover, if you place a bulk order of these bags, you will get a better rate and reach more people.


Trade Show Giveaway 

Next time you are at a trade show showcasing your brand, don’t forget to add non-woven tote bags as a promotional gift. These are a fantastic way to leave an impression and promote your brand even after the event ends. 

Using your excellent salesman skills, let the person coming to your booth know how great your business is and its main goals. Then, gift them a promotional tote bag with your brand’s logo and name. Since these are versatile and sturdy, everyone you give these bags to will carry them at various places and, in a way, promote your brand as more and more people will look at your brand’s name in their bag and check out your business. If you don’t want to give an empty tote bag, you can always add a pen, notebook, mug or anything else (also with your brand’s logo) to the bag. Whatever product you add, make sure it goes with your brand.


Loyalty Rewards 

Nothing says success like having loyal customers. And you can consistently achieve this by having great products and gifting your customers something now and then, so they know how important you are for their brand.

You can always gift a thank you grocery bag to customers that have spent a certain amount or the next time a long-term buyer purchases something. This will make them feel acknowledged by your brand, which is also positive. Also, since these non-woven tote bags are sturdy and reusable, you can design them to make them attractive. This way, your customer will flaunt it here and there, helping your brand awareness increase.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Make your employees feel special by gifting them these non-woven tote bags they can take around with them anywhere. You can make your employees happy by surprising them with these bags by spending a few dollars. This is a great way to thank them for their outstanding work and for helping your brand succeed. When your employees carry these tote bags with your brand’s logo on them, they will help your brand’s reach increase. More and more people will get to know your brand and be attracted to it. This will help your clientele increase. 



After looking at all these benefits, we are sure you would love to shift your brand towards non-woven tote bags. We do not expect you to throw away all the bags you were using previously suddenly, but it’s always a great idea to start now. You can begin by taking small steps such as choosing from a wide variety of non-woven tote bags available today for businesses and deciding the design you want. You can choose to have a mini tote bag or a large tote bag. Furthermore, you can also talk to a company that produces them and get a few made for sharing with your loyal customers as a step to move towards making them feel special. And finally, when you think you are ready to make the significant shift, change all your shopping bags with non-woven totes. They will make your brand stand out; since they are versatile, all kinds of businesses can use them.

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