Five Reasons why you should switch Non-woven Tote Bags ASAP!

The world is suffering from severe climate change, and one of the leading causes is the increased use of plastics. It is one of the most persistent pollutants on the plant and lasts up to more than 400 years. Specifically, plastic bags damage the environment in various ways, such as polluting the ocean. In addition, around 100,000 marine animals succumb to death from ingesting plastic bags.


Therefore, we must take care of our precious earth and find alternative methods. The best way to eradicate single-use plastic is by using eco-friendly products such as non-woven tote bags. These bags are becoming increasingly popular. Consequently, non-woven tote bags will become a 31.85 billion USD industry by 2022. These colorful and attractive bags are reusable, recyclable, lightweight, and durable. Thus, making them the perfect alternative to plastic bags.


Many types of materials can make these stylish and smooth bags. The most common include spunbond/spunlace, which is made from Polypropylene. It requires polymerizing the Polypropylene at a high temperature and then hot rolling it into cloth. The second is airlaid, which is created by the new airlaid technology. It consists of binding fibers through air webbing. The third is dryland fabric, a non-woven fabric that consists of staple fibers. The material requires reinforcing mechanical and thermal processing methods. The last is wetland, a product of inorganic, chemical, and other fibers. These fibers use chemical or thermal bonding to make them a non-woven fabric. 


The materials are highly sustainable and long-lasting. Therefore, retailers can profit from these materials as they are cost-effective and can contribute to the environment by producing environmentally friendly bags.


Furthermore, the excessive production of plastic bags by industries has caused a significant increase in climate change. Hence it is time we switch to products that serve the environment; therefore, reusable products are the perfect alternative. Below are the following reasons why you consider shifting to non-woven tote bags. 


1. Recyclable 

Non-woven bags are ideal as they are reusable and recyclable. Such products help the environment as they require less usage of natural resources like fossil fuels and water. Moreover, recyclable products also decrease greenhouse gases, air pollution and water pollution. 

Recycling is a core factor of resource efficiency; we must use our products to their ultimate capacity. In addition, this concept helps produce less waste; therefore, Recyclable products help sustain the environment.

Moreover, these bags are highly lucrative for brands and businesses as they are cost-effective. They offer sustainability to the environment while offering value for money to companies. Moreover, businesses like grocery stores and supermarkets that give out plastic bags can replace them with non-woven tote bags, which are ideal reusable grocery bags. These bags are perfect for shopping and carrying your groceries as they are lightweight and everlasting. Lastly, they decompose in 6 months. Thus, they economically benefit the business and ecologically impact the planet. 


2. Good for branding

Companies that are environmentally aware find ways to eliminate methods that negatively impact the environment. That’s why companies prioritizing the environment should replace plastic bags with non-woven bags.  Companies that move to environmentally friendly options are fulfilling their social responsibility. In addition, it aids in building a trustworthy and competent image toward consumers. Consequently, these bags can represent the brand’s vision, which can help them gain consumers.

Moreover, other than just showcasing their vision, brands can also encourage consumers by promoting the usage of these bags. For example, they can encourage consumers by giving free non-woven tote bags or printing environment-friendly messages on them. The best feature of these bags is that they are a great advertising tool. You can quickly produce them in any color and can print any logo on them. Furthermore, they don’t require lamination; you can easily print any design through silk screen printing. Hence, they are suitable for the environment and great for spreading awareness.


3. Versatile 

Another advantage of these bags is that they are notably versatile. They are not just for one specific purpose but can serve you in multiple ways. For example, as these bags come in different shapes and sizes, you can comfortably use them as gym bags. Additionally, these bags are quite spacious and can easily fit in your gym wear, water bottle, snacks, and shoes.

Another factor which makes Non-woven totes an excellent choice is the range of colors. The range of vibrant colors means even your tote bags compliments your style. In other words, you enhance your style magnitude with a cost-effective addition.

They are also an excellent alternative for beach bags. You can scoop in all your beach essentials like sunscreen, flip-flops, sunglasses and beach towel. These bags are big and strong enough to carry all your items. Lastly, these bags are sturdy enough to hold heavy electronics like laptops, tablets, hair gadgets etc. If you have misplaced these original items’ bags, then non-woven tote bags will save the day. 


4. Durable

Of course, durability is paramount when it comes to carrying your stuff. Daily bags need to last longer. Besides, plastic bags don’t look nearly as classy during second use. So why not go with a bag that holds the weight of everything you carry without a hassle? Non-Woven Totes last through multiple washes. And even after prolonged use, you will only notice minimal wear and tear. 

A good return isn’t it?


5. Motivates you to make eco-friendly choices

Once you have gotten these trendy soft bags, you will feel more encouraged to make healthier environmental choices. Studies suggest that environmental friendly actions make us feel good. Getting yourself these bags is one of the easiest ways to contribute to the wellness of our planet. One good step creates a chain reaction for other suitable actions. 

Using these tote bags will make you feel you are contributing to a better environment. That impact will lead to you making other environmentally friendly decisions. Such as after using these bags, you might become aware that you might be using a regular plastic grocery bag holder. Now that your mind is familiar, you’ll be conscious enough to take this decision to replace it with a reusable grocery bag holder. 

Likewise, one good decision will make you think more about how you are investing in the environment. Furthermore, it can motivate you to remove all other unnecessary plastic items with eco-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes, plastic straws etc. Thus, these bags are a great way to inspire you to take more healthy steps to word the environment. 



Climate change is at an all-time high. Our planet is suffering from severe consequences of climate change, such as rising sea levels, global warming, heat waves, and water and air pollution. One of the many culprits for these outcomes is plastic. Humans have overly produced plastics, which has reduced our natural materials like cellulose, gas, crude oil and coal. It is also consistently polluting our land, air, and water causing our environment to demolish. 
With such turmoil on the rise, humans have to take preventable measures to preserve our environment. The best way to decrease climate change is by switching to eco-friendly alternatives. One of the trendiest eco-friendly items is non-woven tote bags. These bags are a great way to help sustain the environment. Thus, there are many reasons why you should consider switching to these smooth and soft bags. They are reusable and washable. Furthermore, these bags can help promote brand image and spread awareness. Therefore, contribute and motivate others towards a greener and cleaner planet by shifting to non-woven tote bags today!  

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