The Ultimate Guide to Different Reusable Tote Bag Styles

As times are changing, we’re seeing a rising trend towards sustainability. Indeed, it’s refreshing to see environmental-friendly developments in different realms and the collective efforts that people from different communities are putting in. And one of the noticeable shifts we’re experiencing is the usage of eco-friendly products rather than plastic-based, disposable counterparts. Speaking of which, eco-friendly tote bags are also one of these sustainable products.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing demand for wholesale non-woven bags in wide-ranging industries across the world. Being simple, stylish, and effective, they’re the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags. So, you see, with offering so many major benefits, their ever-increasing popularity is justified.

Having a range of visually appealing styles and designs, they can be exactly customized to reflect your unique style and branding elements. In case you don’t know enough about all the options you can have, no worries, you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we’ll cover different tote bag styles and their unique features which are available for business branding purposes. So without further adieu, let’s get into it.

Different Tote Bag Styles for Businesses

So, tote bags are easily available in the market in different styles, and the following are some of the popular ones:

1) D-Cut Tote Bags
2) Bottom Gusset Tote Bags
3) Squared Tote Bags
4) Handled Tote Bags
5) T-Shirt Style Tote Bags

Let’s get to know them in detail.

1) D-Cut Tote Bags

As the name suggests, the handle of this type of tote resembles the letter ‘D’. Therefore they’re called the D-Cut Tote Bags.

A D-cut handle is one of the most popular tote bag styles at the moment. This classic bag comes with sturdy handles and an open top, which offers ample amount of space to carry myriad items. Offering sturdy grips and straight edges, the bag is easy to carry and use. In addition, this unique handle design distributes the weight of the carried items evenly, and also gives easy quick access to them, without needing to untie anything.

By offering an incredible combination of functionality and simplicity they can be conveniently used for shopping, carrying stuff, running errands, and more. The majority of consumers have used it because most businesses have launched it as a promotional product. Because these totes deliver effortless brand marketing by showcasing your logo, slogan, and other details. You’ll commonly find these D-cut totes at trade shows, promotional events, grocery stores, and other local shops.

2) Bottom Gusset Tote Bags

First of all things, what exactly is a gusset?

Simply put, gussets are some extra pieces of fabric sewn into the bottom of the bag structure. They’re added to the totes so that they can have more volume, depth, and sturdiness. So these additional fabrics allow totes to have wider spaces and strength to carry heavy loads relatively while maintaining the structure of the totes. They’re ideal to carry items that may fit in the no-gusseted tote bag.

The wider gusseted base helps to keep items in a more organized manner and prevents them from getting jumbled together. This is like the forte of this unique tote bag design. Therefore, in most cases, they’re preferred over normal bags in the market.

Most grocery stores offer this kind of gusseted tote bag to their customers. Apart from that, you’ll also find them in the myriad of events, like, corporate events, trade shows, conferences, etc.

3) Squared Tote Bags

When it comes to the distinct nonwoven bag designs, the Squared Tote Bags don’t go unnoticed. Their neat boxy design doesn’t only appear aesthetically pleasing but serves multiple purposes. Top of the list is that their spacious structure can conveniently carry large and heavy items. Another highlighting feature is that they’re the perfect choice to carry fragile products, including baked goods such as cakes and other confectionery items. Speaking of which, these Squared Totes provide the perfect carriage for the fast-moving consumer goods industries, such as coffee shops, bakeries, etc.

These Squared Totes are used for a variety of occasions too, and you can also use it to carry the gift inside. It can be decorated with different colors and patterns. As these squared bags carry the brand’s logo and message, they make the perfect promotional product, which leaves the lasting impression.

4) Handled Tote Bags

When it comes to carrying items around, no other bag comes close to the Handled Tote Bags. These particular totes feature neatly designed, strong handles. These bags offer a powerful combination of strength, reliability, and sustainability. In addition, one of their highlighting traits is even weight distribution, which makes sure that it’s super easy to carry heavier loads.

They’re perfect for people who need to carry multiple items on a daily basis. Whether books, groceries, or some other stuff, they effortlessly carry everything. Note that the sturdy, long handles offer exceptional tensile strength to carry heavy items on the go. Moreover, they’re also more convenient to carry around while commuting, going for shopping runs, etc. It won’t be wrong to say that a handled tote bag offers the best of both worlds, trendy yet convenient.

5) T-Shirt Style Tote Bags

Simply put, the shape and style of this tote bag resemble a T-shirt. Its structure has short handles that look like sleeves, and the main body which is square or rectangular in shape. So, overall, it looks similar to the design of the t-shirt. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to use. In addition, these can be easily folded or rolled up when not in use to save space. Manufactured from eco-friendly material and having a unique design, these serve as useful promotional products and effectively perform brand marketing.

They’re customizable and offer ample surface area to print brand logos, slogans, and other details. Offering convenience, practicality, and eco-friendly option, they serve as the ideal promotional product in the market.

So, that was it. These are just a few examples of the most commonly used reusable totes, and there are more options in the market. You can pick the specific style depending on the nature of your business, the requirement of your target audience, and more such factors.



In today’s fast-paced world, it’s commendable to observe communities and businesses moving towards sustainability and taking eco-friendly initiatives. And the whole shift towards reusable tote bags is causing a big impact in the big picture. Not only they’re playing a huge role in reducing plastic waste and the carbon footprint, but also serve as an incredible promotional product. People use them for shopping, running errands, or just use them as everyday carryalls.

The appeal, functionality, and convenience of these totes have changed the realm of promotional products. As more time passes, we’ll see more businesses offering these sustainable tote bags to consumers.

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