Non-Woven Totes: Your Carriage Companions for a Greener Lifestyle and Cleaner Earth


Although it has been decades since everyone first realized how important it was to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles and move towards a cleaner, greener earth. However, the application of this approach has turned out to be more difficult than anticipated earlier. Take carriage for example. Despite recognizing that plastic bags are a nuisance to the environment, most developing countries, and a significant population from the developed countries as well haven’t been able to completely eliminate their usage.

But it can be said with certainty that today, more people have set their priority of moving away from plastic bags than ever before.

A Problem that Will Last a Millennia

While most people simply see plastic as a problem due to pollution, there are many other reasons why plastic bags are truly a problem for our planet. The reason why plastic bags became such a hit during the mid-1980s was because they were cheap to produce and were durable too. However, it wasn’t long before people started identifying the underlying problems these bags brought.

Plastic bags turned out to be extremely harmful to marine life, and with so much plastic in our oceans even with a lot of organizations taking measures to clean up, the pollution still isn’t under control. Moreover, according to Biological Diversity, it can take 1,000 years for a plastic bag to degrade in a landfill. And even then, plastic bags don’t break down completely but rather break down into microplastics that are capable of absorbing toxins. These microplastics will continue polluting the environment as well as any living things that breathe them.

This means that even if the whole world stops using plastic bags right now, their adverse effects will continue to be a problem for at least a millennia. It is one of the reasons why getting an alternative to plastic bags has become so important.

Everyone is Looking for Plastic Bag Alternatives

This is merely one of the reasons why people, as well as brands are actively looking for alternative carriage options to ensure the harm to the environment is at least minimized or mitigated completely. This has led to the search and research of different materials that could be sustainable to the environment and yet cost-effective enough to be considered a viable option.

However, finding such an alternative is not easy, especially since many alternatives that have been selected had to be foregone later. One such example is that of paper bags. Its ironic that plastic bags initially gained popularity as a replacement for paper bags and for a small time people considered paper tote bags as the solution to them.

However, even with recycled paper bags, the cost and resources required far exceeded budgets for them to be considered as good eco-friendly tote bags. The key with the right eco-conscious tote bags is reusability. Most plastic bag alternatives fail here, because they aren’t often durable enough to be used again.

Many Brands are Also Experimenting with Different Solutions

This is the reason why many brands have adopted the zero plastic, or minimum plastic approach. This is why you’ll often see different brands using different types of bags for their packaging. Even during events, you’re now more likely to encounter reusable promotional tote bags of different materials.

However, the main goal of these eco-conscious brands remains the same as ever, to move away from single-use plastic bags. The only problem is that none of the alternatives at this time are as cheap as plastic. But there is hope and there are a few types of bags that are eco-conscious enough to be used and reused with their production costs bearable for brands.

The Need for a Greener Carriage Approach

Currently, it has become more important than ever that people start moving towards a clear and greener approach. When it comes to carriage, a major reason why plastic bags became such a pollution problem is because they are only made for a single-use. Without reusability, the plastic bag pollution has already accumulated to dangerous levels. Even when it comes to promotion for brands it's important that we start opting for reusable promotional tote bags to ensure we can minimize our carbon footprint.

If everyone starts reusing their carriage bags, we can minimize the pollution rate and move towards a greener, cleaner earth.

Best Alternatives to Plastic Bags 

While there are many alternatives that have become quite popular against plastic bags, two of the most well known are Canvas Bags and Non-Woven bags. Both these types of bags provide the option of reusability, and are preferred by brand due to their customizability.

However, within these two types, custom non-woven bags emerge as the ultimate winner. This is due to the fact that while canvas bags can incorporate the brand’s logo, they aren’t available in as many color variations as non-woven totes.

This is one of the reasons why printed non-woven bags have taken the carriage industry by a storm. Non-woven tote bags are not only extremely reasonable, but can also be used dozens of times by the consumers.

Thus, printed non-woven bags are fast becoming the first choice for brands to present themselves as eco-friendly. Moreover, brands recognize this reusability as an exemplary marketing opportunity. Printed non-woven bags being used by consumers for a long time invites a lot of word-of-mouth, which is effectively marketing without spending a large budget.

It can be stated that non-woven bags will surely be your perfect companions towards a greener lifestyle as well as a cleaner planet. Whether you are running a business that is looking for shopping bags or simply need gift bags that are eco-friendly, with non-woven bags by your side, you will be ensuring that your actions do not harm the environment.

So if you’re looking for the perfect alternative to plastic bags, especially one that helps preserve the environment and simultaneously markets your brand, you’re looking for a non-woven tote bag. And if you want to check out our selection of different types of non-woven bags, you can click here.

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