Choosing the best from: plastic, canvas or polypropylene tote bags

Plastic is one of the most common materials on the planet. The reason behind its wide use is that it is durable and long-lasting. However, despite its benefits, it has negatively affected our environment and health. Yet, our reliance on plastic still increases day by day. Worldwide, people are using around 1 million plastic bottles every minute. At the same time, consumers are using about 5 trillion plastic bags all around the globe. In addition, half of the production of plastics is only single-use plastic. Simply put, we only use them once and throw them for good.


Consequences of single-use Plastic

Single-use plastic requires significant natural resources like coal, natural gas, cellulose and crude oil. However, we are now running short of these vital natural resources due to increased demand. In addition, most single-use plastics cause water pollution, and around 34% of leatherback sea turtles have died from ingesting plastic. Moreover, single-use plastics contain additives like endocrine disruptors, which are known to cause various cancers, problems in the immune system, and congenital disabilities in humans and animals. 

Single-use plastic consumes excessive fossil fuels; the extraction process releases a considerable amount of greenhouse gases into the air. Around 12.5 to 13.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, are released into the atmosphere annually in the United States of America. It also causes land pollution; you can find plastic anywhere from parks and sewerage to roads and lakes. Hence, it is the leading cause of land pollution. Lastly, burning plastic or putting it under constant sunlight will release toxic gases like furans, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls and mercury causing air pollution. 

Hence, all the impacts and consequences are alarming. It is now high time that we do something about this grave problem. The best way to fight single-use plastic is by switching to more eco-friendly alternatives. As the world has become so advanced, now we can choose from many environmentally friendly options.


Canvas bags vs Polypropylene bags

Canvas and Polypropylene, also known as non-woven tote bags, are great alternatives. They are the new trendy bags which are reusable and recyclable. These bags effectively and efficiently use resources that do not harm the environment. These bags are available in various shapes and sizes so you can get one according to your taste. 

Furthermore, both materials are excellent replacements for plastic, but in different situations, one always has the edge over the other. Therefore, before deciding which bag to invest in, let us compare the bags to see which is better. 



There is no denying that both bags are highly durable, but if you have to choose the winner, it is most likely canvas bags. It is because these bags are more substantial and last longer. In addition, you can machine wash them, and they still will retain their shape.

However, non-woven tote bags are water resistant, while canvas bags are not. In addition, the material polypropene cannot stand many washes; therefore, it will wear out after a few washes. The reason behind that is it is a non-toxic material and is easily decomposable, hence resulting in a shorter life. All in all, its short life is good for the environment as it will quickly perish.



The material required for the canvas bag is hemp fabric and thick cotton fabric. A few percentages of polyester are also added to these fabrics. These bags are strong enough to resist any wear and tear. Most manufacturers use canvas for tote bags, among other materials; hence it can be used as a reusable grocery tote bag.

Polypropylene tote bags are also a good alternative, commonly known as non-woven tote bags. They are the newest addition to eco-friendly tote bags and are becoming quite popular. Multiple materials such as wetland, dryland, and airlaid can also produce these bags. Moreover, these materials use recycled plastic fibers, meaning they use fewer resources, making them great for the environment. In addition, polypropylene bags are customizable: you can customize them in any color are add any print you want. Thus, they are not only good for the environment but also fashionable. 



When looking for eco-friendly options, most of us look for bags that are easy on the pocket. Therefore, non-woven tote bags are better than canvas as they are lighter on the bank account. However, canvas bags can be costlier than non-woven tote bags, precisely three times more expensive. Ultimately, it all comes down to what purpose you are using or buying them. One might not mind purchasing a canvas bag for personal use, such as taking it out as a shopping tote bag. Nonetheless, if you want to buy bags in bulk for a corporate event or gifting, then non-woven tote bags are the way to go. They will offer you value for money and get the job done. 



Businesses are always looking for ways to promote their brands. One of these bags' best features is their excellent branding tools. Both canvas and propylene bags can be customizable; however, non-woven pouches are easier to customize. You can easily make these bags in any color and print any logo. Moreover, you can customize them with lamination and without them as well. The exclusion of the lamination process makes it more accessible, and one can print designs through silk screening.

Canvas bags are highly compatible with ink printing. The bags can also be suitable for a laminated or matte finish. Additionally, you can also customize them by hand. For example, you can use DIY stamps or tie-dye them according to your brand's color. Ultimately, it comes down to cost and time; thus, propylene bags are a better choice as small businesses can benefit from them. For example, a baking business can highly benefit from cake bags made from propylene; they will be cheap and excellent for branding.



We have various events throughout the year where we give out multiple gifts to our friends, colleagues and family. Canvas and non-woven bags can come in handy for Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas events. For birthday parties' non-woven bags are a great option to hand out as goodie bags. Not only will you be spread awareness among children about eco-friendly possibilities, but you will also be saving money. You can have anything printed on them according to your birthday theme. Likewise, non-woven bags are also a great option to replace traditional Christmas gift bags. You can hand gifts to family and colleagues in reusable Christmas tote bags. It will be something that will be memorable and will last long. 

Regarding events and occasions, non-woven tote bags are a great option compared to canvas bags. They are easily customizable and offer value for money. While canvas bags are customizable, they do not provide an extensive color selection. Thus, for events, non-woven bags will assist you better.



The overproduction of plastic is slowly deteriorating our precious environment and our health. Moreover, it is increasingly contributing to climate change and spreading various kinds of pollution like land, water and air pollution. Hence, it is time to be conscientious and take care of our planet. We can eradicate single-use plastic bags by simply shifting to eco-friendly alternatives.

These alternatives include canvas and propylene bags. Both bags are now building a massive following. They are made from environmentally friendly materials and are reusable and washable. These bags can serve us in many ways as they are versatile. Canvas bags are durable and can last for a long time. Both bags are a good option for Consumers. However, non-woven tote bags are the preferable option as they are easily customizable, stylish and cost-effective, making them an ideal alternative to plastic bags. In the end, it all comes down to your choice; just make sure its green. 

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